Vosges Huat-Chocolat
Vosges Haut-Chocolat is a Chicago-based luxury chocolate maker that uses the finest ingredients from around the world to bring a whole new experience to chocolate. Below are selected designs created while working at Vosges.


Caramel Marshies Packaging Design
I had the pleasure of rebranding a Vosges' caramel favorite, exclusively for Starbucks — Sold nationwide. For this design, I wanted to simplify the original packaging for a more modern look. I also worked on photoshopping the caramel from multiple photographs to get the perfect stack for the packaging.


Italy Landing Page
Designed a landing page for Vosges' Valentine storytelling landing page


Below are two examples of Pay-Per-Click Banners Gifs I animated for Vosges' Easter 2017 collections. 
You can view the animation by clicking on the banners.