During my senior year at UIC, I held the position of Vice President for UIC Student Group of AIGA Chicago. In this position, I worked with other members on the board to host workshops and presentations for students to learn and be inspired by. In the Spring of 2016, our Chapter applied for the AIGA Boost Grant to put on a lettering workshop for our members and other AIGA members in Chicago. We were one of two schools selected for the grant out of many other schools who applied in the Chicago area.

The idea of the grant was to create a socially engaged workshop for design students to learn the art of hand-lettering and to get them off the computer. By teaching them to hand-letter, we hoped to inspire students to give back to their community with positive messages, while strengthening their network and craftsmanship. Student members of AIGA from different schools were encouraged to participate and network with each other. To teach the class, I reached out to Jenna Blazevich and Abe Zieleniec, and was very grateful when they agreed to find time out of their busy schedule to do co-teach . We were also very fortunate to host it at Other-Studio in Chicago thanks to Eileen Tjan. The series of photos below were taken and edited by Fauve Foto by the talented, Phil Parcellano. 


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